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What’s inside?

incontinence-150x150-circle Chapter 1 – Changes in the Menstrual cycle

Understand it better – know what’s normal and what’s not!

hot_flashes1-150x150-circle Chapter 2 – Hot flashes and how to manage them

Get good tips and tricks to beat the annoying heat! 

anxiety-150x150-circle Chapter 3 – Anxiety & Depression – accept that you have them
Understand your hormones, get a better grasp why you’re feeling down or sad and learn how to calm your mind.
sex_related_image-150x150-circle Chapter 4 – Sex related problems – don’t let it come between you
Bothered by low libido? Has your sex life changed?
Spice up your sex life and bring the spark back to your life!
weight_problems-150x150-circle Chapter 5 – Weight problems – it is not only about your looks
Putting in a few pounds is not normal in midlife!
Find out the secret to lose that muffin top! digestion-150x150-circle Chapter 6 – Bloating & Digestive problems – protect your digestive health
Eating right but your tummy is still growling and rumbling?
Learn some great tips to improve your digestion!


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